What is a custom home design?

home design and blue print

Getting the home of your dreams

If you could design it from the very beginning, what would it take to make a house your custom dream home? What custom home design features would be on your must-have list and what would be on your ‘nice to have’ list? This is one perk of being able to afford a custom home are the custom home designs. You choose the features you want, don’t want, upgrade certain features, etc. It’s not just picking a color scheme, but picking the appliances, the flooring, the lighting, and more. 

It can be exciting to know your next home will be a custom home design and build. There are so many custom home designs within different builder’s wheelhouse today. Then there are builders that work with a client’s own custom home design ideas, creating the ideal home of their specific liking and avoiding their specific dislikes. 

What are the types of house designs? 

If you will have a house built with your ideas, likes, and dislikes, the design is all you. There are builders that focus on specific styles though, and the ten basic home styles are:

  • Cape Cod
  • Country French
  • Colonial
  • Victorian
  • Tudor
  • Craftsman
  • Cottage
  • Mediterranean
  • Traditional Ranch
  • Contemporary

What is the most popular house style?

Since 1876, in the United States, the Colonial-style house has been the most popular overall. They typically have several fireplaces throughout their two or three stories and were built with either brick facade or wood facade. Custom home designs were not thought of at the time, but each home may have an owner’s special touch.

What is modern house design? 

Architecture described as “contemporary” and “modern” are often used interchangeably, and they are totally two different styles, actually. Contemporary architecture is constantly changing and is hard to give a firm definition because it is “the style of the moment”. A contemporary designed home may have some custom home designs to it by borrowing from other styles and frequently the different styles are used in the same house at the same time. 

 “Modern” architecture is a very distinctive style that originated in the early 1900s and continued into the 1950s. It is a defined style all its own, never borrowing for any other style, and it never changes, it will always be considered as modern. 

Can I design homes without being an architect?

Each state regulates the practice of being an architect, there is no federal law governing architecture.  You must be an educated, trained, or licensed architect to design a house in many areas of the world to offer custom home designs.  The consensus is that without architectural education and training, your design most likely won’t be good, but anyone can draw up a house plan, many home builders do just that. 

You can purchase custom home designs house plans from other that do that, there are books with house plans. People have created their own house and had a structural engineer stamp it, which if you will have a builder build the house, they may require that stamp. 

In some states, architecture falls under “title” laws and some are considered “practice “laws. In a state with “title” laws, not just anyone can call themselves an architect unless they have somebody with a title stamp their plans. In a state with “practice” laws, you must be a licensed architect. 

How do I design a house plan? 

This list can be so long and will vary from person to person! There are so many facets to be considered and we all have our different “must-have” and “wanna have” things. That list will change with the years too, because of our lives changing, like getting married, having kids, grandkids and pets, our hobbies and passions change. 

Still, there are the basics, and this list will include those basics, plus many things that people who have gone through custom home designs before and wish they had thought of it after the fact.

Closet and Organization

  • Lots of closets and include electrical outlets in the closets.
  • Closets should have space for double and single hung rods.
  • Kitchen area should have a full-size broom closet in the pantry or laundry room.
  • Add more linen closet space than you think you need.
  • A mudroom with cubbies and an electrical outlet in each cubby.
  • A motion sensor in each closet and the pantry.


  • Outlets in each bathroom for night lights.
  • Outlets inside all cabinets.
  • Heated towels racks.
  • Do not caulk around the toilet – it hides leaks.

Electrical and Plumbing

  • Prewire security system and cameras.
  • Run wire for future solar panels.
  • Separate 20z circuit for A/V and TV equipment with waist height outlet.
  • Pre-wire inside and outside for speakers.
  • Pre-wire for generator.
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors near all bedrooms.
  • 220V to garage.

Master Bedroom

  • 4 plug outlets.

Heating, Cooling, and Vacuums

  • Central Vac.
  • Plan furnace vents.
  • HEPA filtration.


  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Pocket doors where possible.
  • Soundproofing.
  • An inside button for automatic garage door.
  • Additional support on the top of windows for window treatments.


  • Run conduit under the driveway for future electrical wiring or plumbing.
  • Prewire speakers indoors and outdoors.
  • Ensure you have electrical and water outlets all around the house.
  • Cold and hot water outdoor to wash pets.
  • Prewire exterior for motion sensor lights.
  • Keypad entry on front door and garage door.
  • Exterior gas line for outdoor grill.


  • Electrical outlets in pantry.
  • Wide islands with cabinets on both sides.
  • Custom storage organization in drawers.
  • Custom shelves in pantry.
  • Outlets above cabinets.
  • Set up for both electrical and gas.
  • Swiveling pantry door.
  • Copper tubing for ice maker.
  • Microwave counter with drawers.
  • A knife drawer.
  • Pull-out cabinetry for garbage and recycling.
  • Drawers for every lower cabinet.
  • Easy-access for appliances frequently used.


  • Light switch in attic and in hallways.
  • Master bedroom switch to control all exterior lights.

Holiday Preparedness

  • Outlets under eaves and easy-access switch for holiday lights.
  • Ample storage for holiday décor and lights, seasonal wreaths.


  • Specific area for pet food.
  • Specific area for cat litter box.
  • Specific bathing area for dogs.
  • Storage place for dog crates.
  • Exhaust fan near pet area.

With so many things available in the house building industry today,custom home designs are limitless in its offerings. Even with the most basic of house plans, the roofing, the walls, the flooring, can all have an owner’s private touch, thus providing custom home designs. Dial (817) 736-6323 today for your custom home design in Weatherford and Aledo, TX.