How do I make sure my house is secure?

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How do I protect my home from intruders?

As a custom home builder, Open Prairie Custom Homes occasionally gets the question of how homeowners can better secure their residence. In this area of expertise, we can help by both providing ways a homeowner can better their personal security and also advise on the best option for their home. Structurally speaking, a future homeowner can easily have a more private home through the way it is built and the things he or she adds to it after. A person does not need to seek out methods to entirely make their home impervious, especially when practical methods are by and large more successful. To that extent, we can help by providing: 

  • Hard to break exterior
  • Ample spots for lighting 
  • Create easy spots for security installation 
  • Extra measures in doors and windows

It should be noted that the easiest way to fend of a possible intruder is to make your home seem like a hassle when in consideration. When you discuss your home with one of our custom home builders in Weatherford and Aledo, TX, you will note that we already have forms of security before you consider the more electronic adaptions that can be made later on in the process. As the saying goes, your home is your castle, while it may not look imposing to you, it will appear so to those unfamiliar with it when built to be secure. Things like securely build doorways, windows, and garages are highly effective in fending off possible burglars. Call (817) 736-6323 today to schedule your appointment with our professionals.

How do I secure my home at night?

Theft at night is far more likely than during the day, but it can be thwarted with several simple measures. One of the best ways that you can be very certain your system is effective is be very clear around your property of what’s protecting you. This can largely be done through signs that clearly dictate the measures you have taken including cameras, motion trackers, dogs, and more. Much of the time, those that are committing to burglary do so with the intent to make an easy profit, security systems dwindle the chances of success by a wide margin. 

Furthermore, the general agreement among custom home builders is that plenty of light tends to frighten off critters and people alike. Motion-triggered lights on your driveway, gates, and general spots tend to scare away those with ill intent. We recommend having cameras on such lights to be extra cautious. Furthermore, you should have each entrance to your home secured. These definitely include:

  • Garages
  • Windows
  • Doors 

Any way that a person may enter your home, it should have a lock on it and be connected to your security system. One of the most important parts of your home security is making it appear someone is home even when there is not. This is because a person that catches trespassing in the act can call it into the police and have some way to defend their home.

How do I make my home Windows more secure?

Unlocked doors and windows are actually one of the most common ways burglaries happen to homes in the United States. When speaking to a custom home builder, there are several methods that deter burglars from these points of entry. Being that most homeowners get packages dropped off to their front porch at least a few times every month, making your front porch more inconspicuous so that a package can be placed and not seen helps exponentially. 

Lights that illuminate your doors and windows tend to make trespassing a difficult endeavor especially if you live in a neighborhood. Being that it heightens the chance of someone seeing the assailant, your chances of experiencing a break-in lower when you have lights on your entrances. 

As mentioned, locks play a key role in keeping intruders at bay due to making the act significantly much more difficult. It helps immensely when a homeowner gets locks that are difficult are near impossible to pick or hack. Generally, a person can have a defensible home through one-way locks and multi-lock doorways. While it may sound like a joke, most experts are serious about the benefits of owning a dog. Dogs can act as a solid way to defend your home, regardless of size, due to the amount of noise they can make in warning people something is not right.

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How do I secure my garage?

As a custom home provider, we have heard stories of garages being a point of entry for burglars looking to get an easy steal. Fortunately for our customers, we can help with that. When you leave a garage closed, you immediately cut off a point of entry for those that have little business in your private residency. Furthermore, we can suggest securing your garage with a lock, placing insulation around the doors, and adding making the entryway more private to you. For further methods at making your home more private from the get-go, call (817) 736-6323 for your own custom home today.