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Safety and Security

If you ask about us around Springtown, you will probably hear about how beautiful the homes we have built in this city are. But that is only half of the story. Here at Open Prairie Custom Homes, we know that safety and security are at the forefront of our clients’ minds. That is why we put a high emphasis on quality building materials and responsible construction practices. Our homes are built to last which means you won’t have to call anyone out for structural repairs when you hire us. It also means that we build according to strict building and quality codes. Being a custom home builder in Springtown, TX means a lot to us, and we will never do any work that betrays the trust of our valued customers. We don’t skimp on building materials or cut corners during the construction period. The end result is a home that will be standing to protect you and your family for generations to come. Learn more about our various custom home projects today by calling us at (817) 736-6323!

If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

We are a favorite custom home builder in Springtown, TX because we are the most capable. If you have a piece of land that is just waiting for a gorgeous new home to be built on it, we want to help. If you are a family that wants to design an individual home that will house your family for years to come, we are ready to begin! We offer a myriad of options and features to choose from, so find out how we can help you today!

Contact us at (817) 736-6323 to find out more about our projects and floor plans. Open Prairie Custom Homes is dedicated to making sure you are totally satisfied with the home we have built. If you think you want to get started on your custom home, but you want more information on the process, give us a call today!

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